Nutrition For Diet: Want To Know What To Eat And What To Avoid ?

We all commit to diet in a certain moment in our lives. Some may have succeeded, while some others may not. Diet can be translated to maintain healthy eating and lifestyle in everyday life. Before committing to a diet, it is better to know first the nutrition for diet.

nutition for diet

There are some foods which are good for diet while some others should be avoided.

Below are some lists of what to eat and what to avoid if you choose to diet and conduct healthy lifestyle.

What to eat?


Protein – when on diet, consuming lots of protein is essential because it helps to build the body tissue.

Protein can be obtained from meat, fish, and eggs. The common meat that most human consume is lamb, pork, beef, and chicken.

While fish is a very great for those who are in the diet because it is fulfilling, healthy, and also contain high omega-3 fatty acids. The egg is also one of great protein source; the yolk is very nutritious.

Vegetables – vegetable should never be left over if you aim to diet. Eat plentifully and various range of vegetable is great for the body.

It contains the nutrients that the body need; therefore, eating plenty kinds of vegetable will provide the body’s need for different nutrients.

Fruit – fruit is also good for the body since it contains the fiber and vitamin. But some fruits may contain high sugar which means moderation eating is important.

Fats – saturated fats is the better options if you cook in a pan on high heat since they are more stable.

There are wide choices of saturated fats such as butter, olive oil, lard, and so on.

Fats also come from dairy products such as cream, cheese, full-fat yogurt, butter, and the like. High-fats from dairy products are also high in calcium.

Seed and nuts – nuts and seeds such as walnuts, almonds, and sunflower contain high nutrients but still high in calories; you need to maintain moderate eating when to aim to lose weight.

What to avoid?


When it comes to dieting, you should be very selective in choosing foods and drinks. There are some foods or drinks which are not healthy for the body.

Artificial sweeteners – artificial sweetener is usually used for a product with label sugar-free.

It is indeed claimed as being calorie-free but consuming it will cause addiction to the sweet thing.

The sweeteners are also linked to having correlation with certain diseases and obesity.

Trans-fats – trans-fat is chemically modified fats which are extremely not good for the body. The trans-fats are mostly found in processed food.

Low fats and diet products – most of us think that low fats and diet labeled products are safe for actual diet. The truth is it is not.

These claimed the healthy food is actually not safe at all because it tends to be loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners, and also highly processed.

Processed food – processed foods usually contain low nutrients and loaded with chemical compounds. It is absolutely unhealthy and should be avoided.

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Video # 1

Video #2

Video #3


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