The Best Diet … Lose Weight Fast – Tips and Ideas !

It is always envious to know someone who has the blessed genes which allow them to eat everything without gaining weight even an ounce or someone who can just drop 15 pounds in short time. Well, unfortunately not every one of us have such blessed genes, but we still have the chance to work hard and shred those unwanted fats.

image showing ideal body weightUsing the best diet lose weight fast, getting ideal body is not a dream anymore.

Eat fewer bites of meal – Eating fewer bites every meal will help you reduce the calorie intake for a day up to 100 calories.

You can start also limit one treat for a day or one less soda or orange juice a day.

Starting from the smallest step, you can even prevent from gaining two more pounds than most people who eat mindlessly each year.

After breakfast, drink only water – You can still drink a glass of orange juice right after breakfast, but for the rest of the day; it is better if you just stick to plain water.image showing glass of water with measure tape

Fruit juice, soda, and other sugary drinks can be the potential culprit to make you gain more weight.

Besides, make you gain more weight, the sugary drink also do not make you feel full like when you eat food.

Spend one hour less for watching TV – Study finds out that people who tend to spend more time in front of TV have the more often they will eat and they eat more anyway.

You can sacrifice one program that you do not really into it and replace it with go for a walk, jog, and other physical activities.

image showing man dieting and exerciseing

Do house chores or least wash something once a week – house chores or cleaning the house can help you burn more calories for some calories in every minute of doing house chores.

You can mop the floor, clean windows, wash bathroom tile, or clean the car.

Eat when your stomach rumbles – you will be surprised when knowing how much you usually eat when nervous, frustration, bore, or even based on habitual. In most of the time, we forget the hungry feeling because we tend to eat based on the mood.

If you really want to eat a certain food, perhaps it is just craving which means you are not actually hungry.

You just want to eat that food anyway. Eating when you truly hungry can help you maintain the weight better. You can also find other ways to express the emotion other than eating.

Eat in front of mirror – if you want to be remembered that you are on a diet; you can eat in front of the mirror. Eating while looking at yourself with the eye reflections will remind you of the goals which are trying to lose weight.

Avoid prepared or manufactured food – prepared foods which contain fructose, sugar, and corn syrup in the first to four of ingredients list should be avoided.

Other manufacture food such as nuggets, sausages, and the like should also be limited. It is better to grab fresh vegetables and fruits for healthy eating and lose some weight.

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