Tips On Weight Loss Diet For Expecting Moms-What Is Recommended ?

During pregnancy nutrition deserves special care and attention. Before making an attempt to induce pregnancy a healthy mother needs to achieve the BMI of 20-23 according to the individual height and weight.

As being overweight or underweight may certainly limit or affect the neonates weight. Further weight gain beyond the recommended level will not help in increasing the baby’s weight.

The gaining of weight is at a lesser speed in the first trimester in comparison to the last one at a height pace.

An expectant mother needs additional 350 calories for inducing complication free pregnancy. Weight loss diet for expecting moms are largely depend upon the personnel choice and availability of such foods.

Recommended diet for expecting mothers
  expecting moms


  • A sedentary woman needs 1875 Kcals and extra 300-350 calories for maintaining the extra weight.
  • Regular check on the iron and folate level is essential as it may cause complication during labor.
  • All levels of vits should be up to the mark to avoid unnecessary complications.
  • Supplements of vits and iron and folate should be taken if doctor has been prescribed.
  • Calcium is the integral part for the growing fetus inside the womb. Foods rich with calcium and possible supplements are necessary.
  • Food rich with roughage and fiber is an essential part of the menu planning.
  • Enough water should be taken to support the good health of the baby as well as the mother.
    • Enough protein will help in the development of the fetus.


Tips for maintaining weight at the time of pregnancyexercising


During the time of pregnancy it is knew no bound that weight will increase due to extra requirement of nutrients for the mother-to-be as well as for the neonates. Though there are ways to maintain weights, they are-

  • A regular physical exercise is a must.
  • During the first trimester morning or evening walk will be providing good circulation to the body. Also be helping in maintaining the current weight and loosing extra weight.
  • It is proved that extra calories only be burnt if adequate physical activity will be done. So not only physical activity, light house hold work will also help in managing weight.
  • Limit the excess intake of fat. Instead try to incorporate nuts such as almond, wall nuts which will provide extra nutrients aka PUFA (Poly unsaturated Fatty acid) and MUFA (Mono unsaturated Fatty acid) much needed for brain development of the neonate.

Do’s and don’ts at the time of pregnancy


  • Lack of physical exercise will not only increase the weight but also such situation will increase the chances of complicating the labor.
  • Food myths are very unethical to follow at such time. Better to get in touch of a diet advisor for the corrected meal plan.
  • Roughage intake will decrease the fat absorption to the body. Intake of such food products such as green vegetables and fruits will be good.

Instead of having broken grains it is always preferable to have whole grains rich in protein and lower in fat levels.

Always incorporate at least one seasonal fruit as such time.


Smoking and drinking should not be allowed even. Passive smoking is also as harmful as direct one.

Instead of having full cream milk it is better to have toned or fortified milk. Milk supplements such as soy milk fortified with iron and calcium is best.milk

Plant foods are rich in vits and contain a negligible amount of fats aka cholesterol.

In case of non vegetarians individuals before having fish or chicken deskin such products. This will greatly reduce the fat present at such food products.

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